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Moazam, Laravel programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Nottingham, United Kingdom

Expert Full Stack Developer

I am currently working on two open source laravel projects. I am hoping to finish one project by the end of this year.
Ivan Jovanovic, senior Laravel developerHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Senior Full Stack Developer, JS lover

I have been using Laravel for more than 3 years in many commercial projects, such as,,,, Started at version 3, using most latest version now! Thinking that it's the best PHP framework ever!
Martin Tudor Pultz, Laravel software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Lethbridge, Canada

Full Stack Developer

In my, over 10 years of software development, I have seen, experienced, and evolved with the rapid changes in web development on the front- and back-end. On the front-end, I started working with vanilla Javascript when frameworks didn't exist, picked up jQuery to reduce cross-browser issues and code complexity, and kept evolving my technology stack to include technologies like Sass, AngularJs, Angular, and Ionic; and integrate new methodologies like responsive web design, mobile-first development, and component architecture to accommodate changing standards. On the back-end, I started out with PHP delimited legacy ASP, develop for CMS frameworks like Drupal and Wordpress, embraced MVC frameworks like CodeIgniter and CakePHP, and now choose between Laravel or Node depending on the applica...
Mahmoud Zalt, Laravel freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Beirut, Lebanon

Senior PHP Web Developer, Laravel Expert, Docker Enthusiast and Open Source Advocate.

Started with Laravel in January 2013 (3 years++) Built the first project with (version 3.2.13). I have a deep understanding of Laravel's codebase. I've built more than 20 projects with Laravel and also I have built 7 open source projects for it.
Miguel Alfaiate, Laravel software engineerHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Lisbon, Portugal

Professionalism and high standards builds trust and long term working relationships

I have delivered several projects in Laravel which are currently in production, including a components for a platform for trades, a marketplace, besides others. I have worked with different versions of laravel, different ORMs such as Eloquent and Doctrine, several third party packages, integration with custom APIs and other tasks.
Andrés Santibáñez, Laravel freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Android/Web developer ready to help and work alongside you

Laravel is my favorite web framework. With it I can put together a website and/or app in a short time frame. Setting up controllers, views, routes and auth is a breeze. I have published some contracted apps via Laravel Forge and had no issues with my clients.
Milan Vucic, Laravel freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Belgrade, Serbia

350+ sessions, 100% positive rating, Android/Java developer & tutor

I've made several projects in Laravel over the past year. All of them are online at the moment. With a good knowledge of databases which I have, as well as the OOP concepts learned in multiple languages, I'd say my knowledge of Laravel is pretty strong.
Bruno Gaspar, Laravel freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Porto, Portugal
I've started using Laravel on version 2, but developed bigger applications on Laravel 4.2. Laravel 5 introduced a lot of amazing changes and opportunities to develop even better and cleaner applications. I've a vast experience on developing applications with Laravel and to develop packages for Laravel.
Vivek Khatri, Laravel freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Gurgaon, India

Magento 1 | Magento 2 | Laravel | Wordpress | PHP developer at Emizen tech Pvt Ltd

I am efficient in MVC compliant frameworks like Laravel .I am a professional Laravel developer with more than 5 years working experiences . I have Done Lot of Laravel projects.
Martin, Laravel programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Prague, Czechia

Technical debt reducer, enterprise PHP developer, all-around very highly skilled, good decision maker

Writing APIs in Laravel, one of the easiest yet most-powerful framework currently available. Explaining RESTful principles and adhering to them, namespaces, SOLID/DRY/KISS. Introducing coding standards. Take advantage of Eloquent - the sweet sweet DBAL and ORM - in its full. Build a CLI-driven app only. Schedule cronjobs. Let's talk.
Foysal, Laravel programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Turin, Italy

javascript enthusiast with a taste for all new web technologies.

I have been building web apps on laravel since it's 3.0 release and used all the versions released ever since. In fact, I'm quite a fan of laravel and follow it around. Currently experimenting with laravel 5 which is still in production and expected to be released on jan, 2015.
Corey Ballou, Laravel freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Charlotte, United States

Full stack Laravel/PHP developer with 10+ years professional exp.

I have been developing and delivering large scale Laravel applications for startups since late 2012. Below is a list of applications I'd be more than happy to discuss: * * Autosnap * MTG Futures * Stellar Vanity * Lumenaries * Gitty * Luna Projects nearing completion: * *
Renato Hysa, Laravel freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Tirana, Albania

I want to change the world and I found the source code :) Teaching others through my YouTube channel and my e-learning platform is what I enjoy the most!

Hello my beautiful friend :) My name is Renato Hysa and I am a passionate developer. Currently I am working hard on my YouTube channel providing knowledge to thousand of people that watch my videos daily. The feedback I am receiving is extremely positive, thus I suggest to at least get in touch with me, to send you 2-3 videos to watch from the playlists. 3 things that I love the most are programming, teaching others and psychology. So, I will make sure to teach you A LOT and with my psychology skills (which I hope are good :P) to have a good 1 to 1 relationship :)
George James, Laravel freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

PHP and Javascript gives me breath

I have worked with larval and can help you build your app, perform eloquent queries and teach you
Valentin Prugnaud, Laravel freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Laravel developer in Vancouver, Canada

Passionate PHP Developer and musician!

Built applications from scratch using the Laravel, most recent being:

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