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34 days ago

Software Engineer

80k - 100k
Angular (2/4)

Intentionet is an early-stage startup founded by renowned computer scientists. Our mission is to transform computer networking by introducing cutting-edge concepts from hardware and software engineering (e.g., formal models, continuous integration, and unit testing).

Development team 
We use source control.
We can make a build in one step.
We build our code at least daily.
We use an issue tracker.
We fix bugs before writing new code.
We have an up-to-date schedule.
The whole team understands product requirements and decisions.
We use the best tools money can buy.
We write unit tests for our own code.
Candidates write code during the interview.
Programmers have quiet working conditions.
We do hallway usability testing.

We have a rigorous software engineering process, but one that run in an informal, laid back manner.

Job description

We are seeking software generalists with sound computer science and programming fundamentals, especially those who enjoy learning and working with different technologies and parts of the stack. Our current stack is based on Web development (Angular), Java, Python, constraint solvers (Z3), containers, and cloud services (Django, AWS). Fluency in these technologies is appreciated but it is not a prerequisite.

We are a close-knit group of engineers and researchers. You can learn about our team and culture at https://www.intentionet.com/team

Product introduction

Our product is a SaaS offering that enables modern CI/CD workflow for computer networks and helps guarantee their security and reliability.

Hiring manager

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