Awesome lists, learning plans, and reading lists containing tutorials, docs, tools, and other useful resources.

Learning resources

These are my favorite learning resources, I recommend to beginner and experienced programmers alike.

Spanish Miguel G. Flores articles

Spanish Miguel G. Flores articles

Open Source iOS Components and Libraries

Firebase Firestore: Getting Started

Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database that lets you easily work with data at a global scale. This course will teach you the basics of Cloud Firestore, including basic syntax, adding, managing, querying, and securing data.

A great book on programming

Future/Present Software developers

Super cool Unity3d Assets

Asset store links for assets I've found useful throughout my Unity career. Most of these are part of my standard project template and Unity feels naked without them.

TDD with Python

The best Introduction to TDD

All about Ruby

All about Ruby

Python For Beginners

An attempt to explain python in very simple language to beginners

Mentoring Setup

Checklist before entering a Codementor session as mentee

Best Internet Resource on SQL Database Internals

Great online resources to understand internals of relational databases

Learning Swift

Good resources for getting started with Swift programming and iOS development


Ever growing collection of Elixir related articles

JavaScript Bucket


JS Development Ecosystem

My favorite links for JS Development

Free Resources for Web Developers

I used this link time to time, This has the greatest collection of free HTML Resources. You just name it and they have it. Almost everything, Starting from font to complete theme.

React & Redux

Resources for Learning Git

Web App learning resources

Free online learning resources.

Swift for scripting

All about Swift Scripting

Awesome Lists

Have you ever wondered what resources were available in any particular language but weren't able to find anything? Then this collection is for you!

Kotlin for Android Video Tutorials

Kotlin on Android video tutorials.

Machine Learning 100

The why, what and how of Machine Learning.

dev resources

Website Analysis

Collection of web dev site analyzers.


Software Engineering Best Practices

This collection is for all software engineers / developers who have an interest in improving their skills and life

Winning recruiters game

Set of resources on how to find a job as software developer

Developer yools

Essentials tools for full stack JavaScript developer

Unity 3D Assets - Models, Animations, Sounds, Documentation, VR, AR by Michael Urvan

A collection of links to 3d models, code samples, assets, sound libraries, animations for developing games and AR / VR applications in Unity 3D

Pointers in C

Resources created by JoeQuery for C beginners to learn about pointers.

Angular Advanced

Learn advanced techniques for Angular 4. Not for dummies!

Learn Swift

Great resources to help you learn the Swift programming language.

Develop an E-Commerce Website With Laravel 5.4

I am starting a new series in which I will discuss the development process to create an e-commerce website in Laravel 5.4 where customers can register and buy items after login. For payment, I will...

Resources for Getting Started with Java

Choosing a programming language to start coding in isn't an easy task. Once you've decided to learn, where to start is another big question. In this collection, I am going to give you the links and...

Inspiring Stories From Digital Makers

This collection contains stories from developers and designers who shared their experience of building awesome digital products. All stories are unique, but equally powerful. Stories are...

Scraping with Node.js

Headless browsers and cute libraries are useful when you have to scrape some content from the internet.

Learn Wordpress

About If you intend to work with WordPress, then you probably already know how popular the blogging system is. Anyone with basic PHP coding skills can customize their WordPress, but if you’re...

Learn SQL

About SQL (Structured Query Language) is everywhere, and in today's digitalized world with massive amounts of data being gathered every day and stored into a database, knowing how to program with...

Learn Ruby on Rails

About When coding beginners ask which language they should learn first, most often they will find others recommending them to start out with Ruby on Rails, as it is fairly easy to learn and helps...

Learn Reactjs

About React.js is a JavaScript Library developed by Facebook that functions as the V in an MVC. Known for its fast performance with a Virtual DOM, React.js is especially ideal for building mobile...

Learn R

About With the rise of big data, data science experts have become in high demand. R is a popular programming language for statistical data analysis and more, so if you're interested in becoming a...

Learn JavaScript

About JavaScript can be a fairly easy way to add added functionality to your web page, but learning JavaScript on your own can be a daunting task. Instead of taking weeks to attend an inconvenient...

Learn Python

About Python is an easy to learn programming language, so many coding beginners choose it as their first programming language. As a general-purpose language, Python is not limited to web...

Learn Java

About Java is a good programming language to learn to expand your knowledge and increase your value as a professional in IT. Because it is a general-purpose language used for most desktop apps,...

Learn IOS Development

About Whether you’re a coding beginner or an experienced programmer new to iOS, these days it is possible for anyone to develop an iOS app, especially with the advent of Swift for the upcoming...

Learn CSS

About CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a great technology to learn if you're completely new to programming. It's relatively easy to get started on learning how to code CSS, and you will be able...

Learn C#

About Whether you want to help develop an enterprise app with the .NET platform or if you want to build a game with Unity3D, you must learn C# (C sharp). C# is designed by Microsoft to be “simple,...

Learn AngularJS

About If you don't know how to build applications with Javascript, be sure to take a look at our curated list for Javascript learning resources (

Learn Android Development

Have you ever thought of creating an app? Android provides you an application framework to innovate apps and games, and you will also pick up Java while learning Android development.